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3rd Planet PR offers summer support to startup green companies

Summer. It’s usually about fun in the sun. But in the case of those that are braving our economy to launch something new, it’s all about stretching every dollar.

In a makeshift home office near you, somewhere there’s a man or woman with a green start-up business, trying to gain traction and get that first big break. Generally, new small to medium sized companies believe that they simply don’t have the budget to engage effective public relations services.

That’s where we come in. To celebrate the appointment of¬†Matthew Ross as our new president, we’re offering new green themed businesses a 30% discount in services this summer. From June 21 until September 20, startups that secure the services of 3rd Planet PR will receive a sizable rate reduction.

“Why not start the new era of 3rd Planet PR off with a bang? If we really believe in the green and clean way of life, we should be ready to support innovation, initiative and ideas. And that means supporting the new kids on the block as well,” explains Matthew Ross.

Don’t worry. There isn’t any sales-y, gimmick-y name to the special. We’re not calling it a summer blowout and not everything must go.

Simply put, we believe in the continual birth of anti-aging remedies for our planet. We want to put  good people with good green ideas on the map.

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