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PR for Green Companies starting to pay off

PR for Green CompaniesIt’s our time. It’s the planet’s time. That’s the sense that 3rd Planet PR is getting every time we pick up a newspaper or catch a special report on the news. More and more green technology and environmental issues and stories are coming to the forefront.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a gradual shift in media mentality, from “Oh, those tree huggers are crazy. No one is going to buy a car that runs on electricity,” to “A green and clean story? You bet, my producer will definitely want to feature that!”

While the news is good, we can’t let up. As a public relations agency, it’s our primary role to land publicity for our sustainability-believing clients. But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to try and push the envelope and continue to try and nudge the needle even more so in the favor of renewable beliefs.

Rather than be content to simply feed the media interesting angles on green companies, green products and services, and green innovation, we can always do more.

3rd Planet PR can do its part by working with more eco-friendly non-profit organizations and activists. We can try and spread the latest environment reports and theories. We can make an effort to involve green academia in the media conversation.

Over the next few weeks, in addition to focusing on our current and prospective clients, 3rd Planet PR will be reaching out to a select group of forward-thinking, environmentally-protecting entities, in the hopes of furthering their messages of urgency and responsibility. Who better to help save the planet than 3rd Planet?

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